Shira on the track.
racing and coursing
Racing: In Germany the tradition passes back to the turn of the century with nearly 40 permanent racing tracks all over the country. Within a radius of 60 miles I have got four tracks with each weekend training (April to October) and at least one official race per year.
  • Shira won the slower of the two German classes several times.
  • A-class: There runs the extrem type of "Racing Afghans", who achieve less than 36 seconds per 480 meters of racing distance. 
    B-class: The new reglement only allows Afghans, who need at least 39 seconds per 480 meters. Here Afghans can take part,
                  who are strong in both, running and showconformation.
  • Shiras best result was 39,5 sec/480m.
Coursing: Coursing is establishing the same acount of actors in the last years, but in my region they are rare. Because they are
always held for all breeds of sighthounds, they only accept around 100 dogs (around 20-30 Afghans), if they are one-day-events.
  • Shira earned some placements at coursings, best rankings from the seconds to forth. 
  • If you want to start in the working class in Germany, Yyou need to be in the better half of placements at a International,
    so-called CACIL-coursing. Shira went forth under 14 bitches last year and now is allowed to compete in the working class.
Beauty & Performance: In Germany most exhibitions of the Sighthoundclub are dual competitions for show and racing/coursing because "Beauty & Function" is an aim all breeders of Sighthounds should strive for. If you take part at the show and your Afghan runs at the
following day, you can participate at the contest of the combinated Winner of Beauty and Performance (no titel, only honor).
  • Shira won this little brag several times.