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Diana Lüdemann,
Nausikaa's Vashira "Shira" &
Nothing Compares 2 U of Meadow Valley "Gene"


Hi all Afghan Hound fanciers

I invite You to have a look at my enthusiastic owner-site. 
I want to introduce You to my two Afghan Hound bitches:

- firstly my Shira, a representative of the old van de Orange Manege-type, 

- and my Gene, a representaive of the modern type out of famous Scandinavian and American bloodlines.

please speak: „Afghans“
international registered kennel name of Diana Lüdemann by the FCI 

Afghans grace, elegance, arrogance and extravagance.

In spring 2000 I searched for a domain name of my homepage.
It should be short, pregnant, easy to remember and should include
the name of my breed Afghan Hound in somewhat way.

I thought "Afghance" could be my choice, spoken like "Afghans". 

What fabolous domain name: www. Afghance.de!! 

I found out that only 3 words have the ending -gance
ele-gance, arro-gance und extrava-gance -
wow, all three are typical characteristics of my breed, the Afghan Hound!

And this not enough, -gance resembles to "grace" - the fourth allusion to the breed.

Therefore "Afghance" is a fusion of the breed name "Afghan Hound" and
four of the most typical impressions when having the Afghan in mind: 

grace, elegance, arrogance und extravagance.


Because of the great meanings of my creation "Afghance" it suggested itself to write a poem,
that unites all associations coming to my mind when thinking about the Afghan Hound and
its graceful elegance, aloof arrogance and eye-catching extravagance:


. a
. Afghan‘s grace, elegance
arrogance and extravagance.

The Afghan’s attractive grace
     in his eye-catching exotic expression 
          when gazing into distance
          with triangular oriental eye
          looking at and through you
          as if in memory of ages past; 
     overall balanced composition, 
          combining strength and power and speed
          within an agile healthy constitution,
          where function follows form,
          sound in body and mind,
     throughout an alert sighthound but additionally
          with stunning stallionlike substance
          that delights the admiring eye of
          aesthetics and fanciers of
          stylish beauty and function.
The Afghan’s adorable elegance
     of his noble appearance and
          unrivaled breathtaking beauty,
          about him an air of distinction
          full of an aura of aloof dignity
          of His royal Majesty
      in a rainbow of startling colors 
          and an rare unique coat pattern 
          with full silken coat and short saddle
          crowned by the long top-knot,
          all the glory flowing in the wind 
     when moving proudly in a style of high order
          angelike springy floating
          with feet barely touching the ground
          in a long striding effortless trott
          of smooth efficient reach and drive.
The Afghan’s peculiarly arrogance
     of his aloof character gives him
          this attitude of aristocracy
          self-aware independence and
          presence of regal dignity,
          owning the ground standing on,
     but last but not least an bold clown, 
          a beloved cute friend of heart and
          quick-minded companion, 
          but with little sense to obey, 
          a difficult mind not for everyone,
     whose sensitive soul requires 
          an intensive socialism,
          our patient respectful tolerance, 
          empathised understanding and –
          sense of humor.
The Afghan’s undeniable 
     striking extravagance,
     which unites the contradiction of
          his illusive silken delusion camouflaging
          with smooth flowing outlines 
          the edged angulated, hard sinewy hunter
          full of keen self-confidence,
     whose strong muscular power of an well-boned
          long-legged animal with fair bent ribcage, 
          firm muscled back, powerful loin, broad
          croup, set under front and long hindleg 
          lifting the mighty hunter up and ahead,
     resembling the original purpose 
          in the stony desert on the one hand and 
          the rugged mountains on the other hand
          of his rough origin Afghanistan,
          explaining the broad variety of types.
     includes in an one-word slogan
          the Afghance of Afghans,
          the grace, elegance, arrogance
          and extravagance of Afghans,
     to remind the breeder’s 
          sense of responsibility to preserve 
          the outstanding characteristics
          of the king of dogs.
© Copyright by the author
Excited about the domain name I decided to register it as my kennel name -
You never know, if someday breeding will be a subject...
Now "Afghance" is protected as my kennel name by my
German breed club DWZRV, the National kennel club VDH and the FCI.